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项目位于上海外滩一流黄金地段. 大楼本身拥有深厚的历史气息,被列为一个文物保护建筑.

Situated right on the Shanghai Bund and carried by the historical weight of the location, the project site itself is known to be amongst the most important heritage buildings in this city.


上海也一直是”中西合璧”最具有代表性的城市. 而”装饰风 – Art Deco”也在上海许多出名的文保建筑上刻印出了这城市的优美姿态. 在咆哮的二零年代中,装饰风是建筑与艺术界第二次的文艺复兴. 而在上海, 是海派文化的演变起点. 那强烈的几何元素简洁利索,风格中的缤纷色彩令人眼前一亮.装饰风将主导设计语言,以不同形式在硬装,软装,甚至于摆件中诠释.相同与”表之艺术”,永恒的精致,舞动了这个城市的面貌,也将赋予这栋历史建筑崭新的灵魂.

我们把“时间” 与 “艺术” 作为项目主导核心: 表, 是项目业主对时间的见解. 其技术与工艺的深远历史,是艺术的展现.这种永恒的精致,带动了我们的流行文化与生活品质.

以外滩海派文化的浓厚历史作为设计底蕴, 让瑞士名表的精髓描绘出设计概念. 本项目不仅仅只是创造出另一个尊贵典雅的外滩空间,而是要诠释一个故事: 人类对于”时间”与”艺术”的执着.


Shanghai has always been a melting pot of eastern and western culture, and its city skyline reflects as such. Art Deco buildings can be spotted throughout the city, flooding the city with the glamour of the roaring 20s from the western world. As art deco marks a second renaissance for western art form, so too does it help shape the “Hai Pai” culture of Shanghai. The style is known for its combination of clean and geometric shapes, and this is reflected as the basis of the project’s design intent; we fully embrace the history of the site, as we paint a new story of the Swatch Art Peace Hotel. A story of the craftsmanship and lifestyle of luxurious watches, which will bring this building a new color to its historical meaning.

We use the two keywords “Time” and “Art” as the cornerstone of our concept: Watch, is a timeless piece of gadget. The craftsmanship that can be found in any luxury watch brand has its own unique history; it is a form of art. The intricacy within this artform will always propel the high-end lifestyle forward.


We draw elements from the Hai Pai culture as the bases of our design language, and further incorporate the Swatch brand identity into our design. Our goal isn’t only to create another glamour space along the bund, but to tell a story: Humanity’s perseverance towards “time” and “art”.


项目中三层的每一层, 都将通过”表”,以不同诠释来阐述这个故事. 表,不单只是一个计时工具.它,是门艺术,是展现自我的方式. 从表中,我们抽取三种精髓含义,对照项目中三层不同功能的空间作为链接: “生活品质 – Lifestyle”, “展现自我 – Showtime”,以及 ”专属个人 – Personal Exclusiveness”


This project is separated into three floors, with each floor having it’s distinctive themes in relationships to the art of high-end watches. A watch isn’t just a tool to tell time; it’s a product of the upmost craftmanship, and self-expression. We’ve dedicated three expressions of luxurious watches onto the three floors in relations to the programs of the project: Lifestyle, Showtime, and Personal Exclusiveness.


本空间是宴会大厅. 将承载着重要的大型活动,与私密的顶级餐饮服务. 名表,是展现自我的宣言.这层的概念也将从咆哮的二零年代中所提取-以”电影剧场”的形式来呈现. 访客踏入五层的那一刻开始,仿佛踏上了红地毯,准备步入精品电影院. 而每个特殊空间,将诠释出钟表不同工艺与历史;这沉浸式氛围,宛如看一场动人的电影.


The space holds the restaurant quarters and a large event hall. Luxurious watches are gadgets for self-expression. A roaring 20s themed movie theatre, as a result, feels just right to tell the story of expressing oneself. As you enter the lobby of this floor, individuals would feel as though walking on the red-carpet for the premiere of a grand show to come. Each private dining halls has a dedicated theme correlating to the different craftsmanship of high-ended watches; stories of these crafts are told through a movie like experience.

餐厅每个包间中也诠释了5中不同的制表工艺: 日本赤铜, 意大利微晶石, 法国绣羽, 以及瑞士的陀飞轮与扭索纹, 这些故事背景是向几百年来传承的顶尖技术所致敬,也体现出业主对于制表工艺艺术的执着精神.


Each of the five dining rooms have their own themes of watch craftsmanship: Japanese Shakudo, Italian Micro-mosaic, French Plumasserie, and Swiss’ Tourbillon and Guillochage. Each story of craftmanship is a nod to the intricate arts that have passed down through generations, and further shows our client’s dedication for such watch making process.






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